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martin fennell

Hello, from Ireland. I've
just finished watching episode 18. Congratulations on your series.

Carol	L Watson

your blog is amazing. new follower!

Carol @

Angeline Joyce batimala ( NAKANO)

Thanks for sharing the Tyranny recruiting

When is the shooting ?

I wish to be contact you , very urgently...
I had received a letter of the same prediction
and they had asked me to assist the team..
I do not know how true this is ....but ....

I am already awaiting this kind of urgent call..
I have the spiritual gift from heaven to guide in
this tyranny prediction..the letters are with me and I am ready to assist

mobile : 080 41431456 Japan


I would like to take part in the casting of Season 2 of "Tyranny", but I live in Switzerland at the moment. Is there a chance for me to participate?
I have worked for about 12 years mostly on stage, both in New York City and in Oxford (UK). I am also a stage director. I have had my share of experiences in student movies and appeared as an extra and walk-in in various TV shows of the late 80s to the mid 90s. I also worked in many other functions on various movie sets around New York.
I fluently speak four languages, and I am well versed in the Classics, but science fiction has always been my secret passion...
I am willing to relocate at any moment, so do not hesitate just because I am not there with you at the moment...
Please let me know what I must do to be part of it all...


Patrick S. Selitrenny

see more about me at and at

mike field

Best online series I have ever seen. It would sail on Premium TV. Not that it wouldn't be edited to crap, but it IS filmed so very well.

El Alami Bryan

When do you shot in Geneva ?

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